Natural Boosters is the 1st natural energy enhancing food supplement. It has a unique recipe based on ginseng. Natural Boosters helps people all over the world to support and improve their physical and mental well-being. It gives energy to the body and mind.

Natural Boosters contains the most popular and proven energy booster in the world — and it’s of course ginseng. Natural Boosters has a unique recipe that maximizes its effectiveness. It uses not only ginseng roots, but also ginseng berries, which contain 2 times as much of the active substance as the roots.

«My stamina was not enough for the day. But didn’t want to abuse coffee, energy drink or other stimulants, which are very unhealthy. That is why I thought of Natural Boosters. For myself and for the others. So everyone liked it.»

ALEXANDER Natural Boosters founder

«I took the supplement each morning for two weeks. On working days I get up early, at 5:30. After I started taking the pills, each morning I feel fresh and I don’t feel drowsy. Even on the weekend I easily wake up at 6-7am and I don’t feel tired. I can work effectively almost until midnight. I recommend this supplement to everyone who has intense working schedule and not enough sleep.»

EVGENIYA IT Project manager

«I have been taking one pill of Natural Boosters a day for several months now. I haven’t felt this good and fresh in a while. I have better concentration. I used to drink coffee at work to wake myself up. Now thanks to Natural Boosters I gave it up almost entirely.»

DMITRIY IT specialist

«I am 72 years old. Three years ago I got seriously ill and had to take handfuls of pills. I was recommended Natural Boosters. After 1 month, my general state improved. So did my blood circulation and appetite. Most importantly, at 72 I was able to go back to my favorite job, creating content.»

REVO Content-manager


Unique effects of Ginseng
Advantages of the Product

We noticed that white-collar and blue-collar workers, IT professionals, athletes, drivers, students use to much instant coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks and harm their health irreparably.

Unlike the ordinary energy drinks, Natural Boosters is natural and effective.

Unique advantages Natural Boosters from other energy drinks:

And Natural Boosters is:

  • effective
  • beneficial to health in long-term perspective
  • natural
  • cost effective
  • in convenient packaging and dosage form
  • Gluten free
  • Aspartame free
  • Allergen free

Natural Boosters has a unique recipe that maximizes its effectiveness. It uses not only ginseng roots, but also ginseng berries, which contain 2 times as much of the active substance as the roots.

Research team at Wonju University in Gangneung, South Korea developed substance – Fermented Steam-Dried Ginseng Berry. This method of the processing of the ginseng berries is the most effective to conserve all useful substances.  It is the unique component of Natural Boosters.

The ingredients are being gathered in ecologically clean region of South Korea manually and being processed there.

Our supplier of raw material has 9 patents for ginseng processing.

Please see all patents, certificates and awards of raw materials manufacturer

Ingredients & Composition


Components and their contents:

  • concentrated powder of ginseng berries (South Korea) 50%,
  • concetrated powder of red ginseng (South Korea) 40%,
  • powder of dry yeast,
  • fatty acid ester sucrose (Japan),
  • stearic acid (Malaysia),
  • hydroxypropylmethylcellulose,
  • vitamin A.

Number of additional saponins in 1 dosage: more 60mg (together Rg1, Rb2, Rg3 more than 10mg)

One tablet of Natural Boosters contains:

  • Red Ginseng 0.16g
  • Ginseng berries 0.2g

This product is not a drug for the prevention or treatment of diseases.

Unique effectiveness of Natural Boosters in everyday life

Natural Boosters Team noted that society has global health issues.

Many of us nowadays are getting tired, are stressed, have low brain activity, live in bad urban environment, have low libido, drowsiness while driving and other health issues.

A) Fatigue

Many of us get tired from the intense life rhythm. Fatigue is one of the main problems of the modern man.

Everyday tiredness can cause fatigue syndrome.

Natural Boosters helps against the tiredness.

Beware of Fatigue:

The list of countries with the most workaholics includes all developed and actively developing countries of the world.

B) Stress

Modern society constantly lives in stress.

Natural Boosters helps to protect your bodies from it.

See how stress effects your body.

C) Tiredness and drowsiness while driving

Natural Boosters helps to avoid drowsiness and to feel refreshed while driving.

Few terrifying facts about problems of drowsiness and tiredness while driving.

Unique Natural Boosters helps with such daily problems as:

  • memory problems
  • poor concentration
  • low libido
  • lack of energy in sport
  • lack of endurance
  • bad urban ecology
  • weight control
  • bad immunity system
  • drowsy driving
  • etc.


We want to help people all over the world to support and improve their mental and physical well-being with the help of our Natural Boosters.

Alexander Ten, Founder of NB, said: "Before founding Natural Boosters, I spent a lot of time looking for a natural invigorating remedy. By the end of the working day, especially when I worked extra hours, I felt the lack of energy for household chores and sports. Moreover, I am not a frequent user of coffee or cola, energy drinks or drugs, because I think that they are extremely harmful for health. In Natural Boosters, we use not only the red ginseng roots that have proven effect, but also a unique ingredient — ginseng berries. I have tried ginseng in many forms, and I think that Natural Boosters is the most effective and convenient of them. Natural Boosters also helps me during long drives, when I need to relieve fatigue and stay awake. I also use Natural Boosters in the afternoon if I need to wake myself up and be more effective at work."

Aside the ginseng supplement, we plan to create a unique product, that will contain the most effective and proven by many generations natural boosters, aphrodisiacs and nootropics from all over the world. Like Ashwagandha from India, Ginkgo biloba from Japan, Eleutherococcus from Russia etc.


and Awards
Laboratory research


Risks and challenges

We recommend to start taking Natural Boosters from 1/2 of a tablet a day, and if your body responds well, increase the dosage to 1-2 tablets a day. If you dosage is right, you will feel a short-term response similar to the effect of drinking a cup of coffee or an energy drink. Natural Boosters also has long-term positive effect on the body.

Natural Boosters ingredients are adaptogens — natural substances that boost the body’s natural defensive mechanisms, help it adapt to weather changes, changes in atmospheric pressure, improve stress-resistance and physical and mental performance. The have a mild and favorable effect on the central nervous system, enhance metabolism, improve the performance of endocrine and immune systems. They are especially needed in cases of fatigue, after surgery or illness, for people in depression or those who are sensitive to weather. You can usually feel the effect from adaptogens rather soon — after only several days, the maximum effect can be observed after 15-30 days. Adaptogens should be taken 1-2 times a day, in the first half of the day. There are general recommendations regarding dosage, but it should be adjusted depending on the body’s response. That’s why you should start with a minimum dosage of 1/4 of a tablet. If you feel a boost of energy and have improved performance, intellectual activity, it means that the dosage is right for you, and you feel no particular changes, you should increase it to 1-2 tablets a day. It is not recommended to take NATURAL BOOSTERS before going to bed. If you feel anxious and irritable after taking an adaptogen and you can’t sleep at night, you should decrease your dosage. NATURAL BOOSTERS is contraindicated to people with increased excitability, high blood pressure, heart disease and acute infectious diseases. Adaptogens are also prohibited to pregnant women and children younger than 14-16. Adaptogens can drastically improve quality of life for elderly people. However, taking into account that many of them have chronic diseases, they should consult their physician first.



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